Consulting and Marketing


For the foreign companies we can offer complete marketing services for market segmentation study or concrete sectors in the market. It is important for the foreign companies which deal with Russia to have a wide variety of information related to the field of interest or the chosen profession. We aim to take our Clients suggestions seriously and reply skillfully to their questions beyond the bounds of a professional code of conduct.

Rather our breadth of experience allows us to engage recruitment consultants, professional marketologists and analysts specializing in their respective fields. Their estimation is unbiased and impartial, but meets our Clients needs.

We address each Clients challenge on its own merits.

FG Agency Advantages

FG Agencys commitment to Clients is to satisfy our Clients individual demands, to provide high level of services, to comply with any recruitment requirements and to maintain the ethical standards.

The set of these principals and values enable us to:
  • Use a comprehensive approach to the candidates research and selection
  • Manage a quality recruitment process of the specialists on the well organized base
  • Guarantee the reliable services

During the staff recruitment, we help our Clients to acquire and develop competence in their companies.