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Recruitment for working in Russia


Our consultants are highly qualified professionals. Each of them specializes in the recruitment of candidates implicated in their respective fields.

Our main trends in staff recruitment are:

  • economics and finance
  • banking and investment
  • telecommunications and information technologies (IT)
  • consumer goods sale
  • marketing, advertising, public relations (PR)
  • industrial production
  • high-technology equipment sale
  • medicine and pharmacy
  • e-commerce
  • logistics, transport, auto business
  • mass media, television, radio
  • design, creative
  • polygraph, mass media, TV, radio
  • catering
  • science, culture, art

Professional attitude to our work is maintained by our quality assurance in the accuracy of staff selection and responsibility for the performed task. Therefore we always keep in regular contact with our Clients and have an eye on our candidates’ success.

Our objective is to save maximum time for our Clients by providing the most efficient recruitment process. We do not submit the curriculum vitae (CV) for consideration until we’ve thoroughly selected our candidates and met the suggested requirements.

We set ourselves apart from our competition agencies because of key differences in our effective technology work and profound knowledge of the recruitment field.